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"I have found Jill Austin to have a very genuine passion for, and devotion to, our Lord Jesus Christ. God is using her in many places as a catalyst for a greater release of the Holy Spirit's presence upon and ministry to individuals and congregations of believers."

Mike Bickle
International House of Prayer & Shiloh Estates of Kansas City

"We loved having Jill as our guest. We had many frank discussions about the nature of the Holy Spirit's ministry, and found Jill to be, in spite of the very powerful anointing on her ministry, a humble person who loves the Lord deeply and is constantly open to learn. Her public ministry was attended by "signs and wonders". Frequently, the Holy Spirit fell on people, causing laughter, weeping, and deep intercession. Always Christ was honored, His Word uplifted, and Jill herself was seen as a servant of the Lord and His people."

Dr. John White, Author, PhD, MD
Vancouver,B.C., Canada

"One thing that impresses God the most is faithfulness, integrity and excellence. You will find Jill Austin has all of these qualities and more. I have known Jill for over fifteen years and have found her to have a great anointing when I first encountered her ministry. Through the years this anointing has been honed, matured and increased by God. Her ministry is relevant as a necessary voice to leadership, individuals and denominations in the preparations for the imminent revival."

"You will find her input invaluable and unusual. As a result of this special anointing on this, you will look back and not only see the fruit that has been left behind, but you will also find yourself saying, "Surely Jesus was here and has done great things."

John A. Watson
Vinesong Ministries, England

"God is using Jill's unique ministry to bring greater hunger for God and deeper understanding of the issues we are dealing with in our ministry. Her ability to hear the specifics on God's heart concerning a corporate body, as well as the detail words for individuals is tremendous. Her meetings have been some of the most powerful times we have had at Last Days, but what is especially encouraging is that there is so much tangible fruit long after she has left."

Melody Green
Founder of Last Day's Ministries

"We've known Jill Austin for eleven years. We first met her in 1990 while pastoring in New Zealand and the Lord has mightily used her to bring revival into our personal life, the church and the nation of New Zealand. She has also been used in starting a mighty move of the Holy Spirit in Australia. We personally recognize her as a woman of God, who, like Elijah, calls down fire from heaven - healing broken hearts, bringing fresh passion for Jesus and tangible power encounters with the anointing and Presence of God. We love and trust her. She is a friend who submits to local church government and authority and will definitely be a blessing to you and your church members."

Ian & Jan McCormack
Hamilton, New Zealand

"At times, the Holy Spirit swept over the congregation, healing and releasing people from grief, bondages and demonic forces. At other times people were touched with great joy and deep repentance and weeping in intercessory prayer for souls. On several occasions dozens of people fell down simultaneously as waves of the power of God swept over segments of the congregation. The power of God so filled the auditorium that even people in the rear of a crowd of over 900 people fell down."

"Many times Jill moved out in personal prophetic ministry with considerable accuracy. Following Jill's ministry people have reported fresh hunger for God, a renewed prayer life and a fresh zeal for souls. People from several congregations that attended our services went back to their churches which then experienced a fresh outbreak of the moving of God's Spirit unexpectedly in their meetings."

Pastor Mike Connell
Christian Outreach Centre, Hastings, New Zealand

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