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Mission Statement

Mission Statement
  1. Our mandate is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a demonstration of signs and wonders to churches, cities, and nations.
  2. Our heart is to see the Church awaken and return to first love with renewed hunger and passion for Jesus. That they would move in the power of the Holy Spirit, reflecting His glory and walking in His authority. We desire that lives are transformed and people are challenged and equipped for the work of the Kingdom.
  3. Our longing is to see Holy Spirit invasions like in Act 2 where true revival comes and entire city-wide and regional transformation occurs affecting nations. Yes, we want believers to be empowered and move outside the walls of the church with radical strategies and signs and wonders into every arena of life. As carriers of the glory impacting the entertainment industry, political arenas, educational, entrepreneur businesses, music industry etc.
  4. I have a vision for marketplace apostles and prophets in the secular arena joining with the 5 folders in the Church. They would setting world trends that would release finances and impact the harvesting of souls.
  5. We value the marriage of the Word and the Spirit. Imparting deep Biblical truths, with the prophetic revelation, and power of the Holy Spirit. Training and equipping not only leaders but also the masses to move in the Spirit.
  6. We desire minister to leaders as well as the broader body of Christ, delivering prophetic proclamations and words that release impartations, unlocking destinies and birthrights. With a pioneering spirit we assist churches, cities and nations to place of spiritual breakthroughs, renewal and eventually revival.
  7. Governmentally I move behind the scenes prophetically with leaders giving strategic words confirming destiny and birthright for individuals, churches, movements and nations. I am invited to be part of round-tables and global summit meeting with leaders from around the world. I work with other 5 folders and strategize what the Lord is doing in this hour.
  8. In the future to not only do city-wide conferences but also crusades in 3rd world nations bringing salvation, deliverance and healing. Also working with leaders and teaching and equipping them to move in the power of the Word and Spirit.
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