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Jill Austin, Founder and President of Master Potter Ministries, went to be with the Lord very unexpectedly on January 9, 2009. Our marvelous comrade will be greatly missed but her legacy lives on!

Dear Friends,
We've been entrusted with a rich legacy from Jill Austin and we desire to keep releasing many "seeds" to the body of Christ to equip and encourage them!

Can you help us?
  1. Master Potter has been and still is in full operation! The general operating expenses and staff salaries are needed to take care of day-to-day operations ($10,000 is urgently needed since we've been falling behind for awhile and this would help tremendously).
  2. Our heart is to finish the projects Jill Austin was in the process of doing but finances are needed to accomplish them ($25,000 is needed to work on these projects):
    • Her 4th book, Flying Lessons, needs to be edited, then published
    • The 2nd Visitation CD from Israel's 60th birthday that contains visitations from key prophetic voices from the US and Israel
    • Many new teachings by Jill need to be released into CD's (graphics, packaging, production costs, etc.)

We are sending out weekly web blasts as well as featuring, introducing and launching some of Jill's spiritual sons and daughters.

We'd love to have you partner with us so these can happen!!

Linda Valen and the Master Potter Team

Leaving a Legacy

From the Leadership of Master Potter on behalf of the Late Jill Austin

Many have spoken of the legacy Jill Austin has left behind. It is a legacy of hunger and desperation for God. All around the world there are hundreds of thousands of people who have Jill's voice ringing in their ears. "So how hungry are you? Do you want more of God? Do you want a visitation?" All around the world there are hungry believers that are asking Holy Spirit to blow them up and set them on fire so that they can burn with passion for Jesus. Crying out in desperation for a visitation and expecting Holy Spirit to reveal the heart of the Lord.

Jill, herself, was the focal point of ministry as she ministered "on the road" and hosted Master Potter Conferences. We cannot replace Jill, but she left behind a mandate to fulfill the vision and the mission of Master Potter Ministries. The Leadership of Master Potter Ministries along with the Director of Ministry, Linda Valen, and Ministry Administrator, Robin Davis, all want to honor Jill's heart and intention to raise up new generations of hungry and desperate lovers of Jesus. Our desire is to see the Church awaken and return to first love with renewed hunger and passion for Jesus.

We long to see the Church moving in the power of the Holy Spirit, reflecting His glory and walking in His authority. We desire that lives be transformed and people challenged and equipped for the work of the Kingdom. They will impact the media and entertainment industry, political arena, education, business, military, families, the Church and all spheres of influence and life. Jill mentored men and women in ministry, teaching them to love Holy Spirit and burn with passion for Jesus. In the future, Master Potter will begin to send some of them out to minister in churches, cities and nations.

Master Potter Ministries will continue to develop the fresh teachings and new materials Jill was working on before January 9, 2009. New CD's, books, publications, teaching notes and other resources need to be developed to fan the flames of passion and revival fire around the world. We will also develop fresh new ways of ministry that will include anointed friends of Master Potter who long to see the every area of life impacted by the manifest presence of God. Jill was always desperate for more of God and deeper intimacy with Holy Spirit. With your help her legacy will continue.

Most of Master Potter's income came during conferences and ministry trips. Those funds are not available as the ministry re-invents itself, and we are in need of Legacy Partners who share the vision to continue to reach the world by fanning the flames of revival. Your regular monthly prayer and financial support is needed now more than ever before.

We welcome your tax deductible donations below on our secure website or by mailing your love gifts that are made payable to "Master Potter" to:

Master Potter
6285 East Spring Street #212
Long Beach, CA 90808

Will you pray and sow into the ministry so that you can share in the harvest of changed lives, churches and cities? We pray that you will live under open heavens as you follow Jesus.

Thank you for becoming a part of the legacy!

~David and Tracy Ruleman
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