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Visitations Volume I
Visitations Vol 1

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Dancing with Destiny by Jill Austin
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Jill Austin's Memorial Services
Kansas City Memorial Service DVD

Kansas City Memorial
Jan 12-2009

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California Memorial Service DVD

California Memorial
January 16, 2009
(2 parts)

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Welcome to Master Potter Ministries - Jill Austin Legacy
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Our desire is to continue ministering as we raise up spiritual sons and daughters whom the late Jill Austin mentored. For now, please contact us here at Master Potter if you would like to have Linda Valen or one of the Master Potter team come to your church or conference as a speaker.


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In Loving Memory of Jill Austin ... Extending Her Fiery Legacy

The late Jill Austin was the Founder and President of Master Potter Inc. over 30 years ago.  It is still operating and based in Southern California.

What began as a performing arts ministry quickly changed as the Manifest Presence of Holy Spirit began to move powerfully in her meetings, bringing renewal and awakening destiny to individuals and churches. God used these years to form this accomplished potter into a fiery preacher and one of the nation's powerful prophetic voices.

Jill Austin had a child-like faith coupled with a fiery tenacity and resolute commitment to stand for the purposes of God.  She was known for her unique friendship with Holy Spirit and her ability to impart radical hunger and passion for the Lord Jesus Christ. Jill moved with a catalytic anointing to release the fire of the Holy Spirit and break open the heavens over cities and nations, bringing revival with signs and wonders following her ministry. The Lord also used her to open up realms of glory and visitation with revelation of the Throne Room in her meetings. She moved with a breaker anointing to bring heaven to earth.

Many have spoken of the legacy Jill Austin has left behind. It is a legacy of hunger and desperation for God. All around the world there are hundreds of thousands of people who have Jill's voice ringing in their ears. "How hungry are you? How desperate are you for more of God? Do you want a visitation?" All around the world there are hungry believers that are asking Holy Spirit to blow them up and set them on fire so that they can burn with passion for Jesus. Crying out in desperation for a visitation and expecting Holy Spirit to reveal the heart of the Lord.

Our heart is to extend her fiery, Holy Spirit legacy to carry out her burning heart to mentor, train and equip forerunners and fledging prophetic eagles to operate in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Her desire was to see people move in the Spirit not only in the church, but also in the marketplace and outside the walls of the church with a demonstration of signs and wonders following. She longed to see people soar in their destiny in God.

These were hallmarks of the powerful anointing she carried as she ministered nationally and internationally

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Jeremiah 18:4
But the pot He was shaping from the clay was marred in His hands;
so the Potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to Him.

Isaiah 45:9
... Does the clay say to the Potter, 'What are you making?' ...

Clay souls surrounded
By the breath of God
As the Potter shapes
And molds
And folds within His hands
The fractures of time.

In brokenness
Beauty is made
By the wounded Healer

This Shaper of loam
As He fashions from dirt
Dampened with tears
A vessel fit for a King

As softened clay within Your hands,
This life of mine is Yours to command.
I place myself upon Your wheel
No matter what my heart may feel.

Master Potter, You have a plan
And I submit "Just as I am".

With tender hands You smooth and mold
As seasons of my life unfold.
At times You twist and pull this clay
When I begin to drift away.

In the middle of Your wheel
Is the place you ordain for me,
A clay shaped for eternity.

By Maria Egilsson,
Songs of the Beloved | Facebook (March, 2013)


Gathering Memories
Please share your memories of Jill with us! We would love to hear how Jill has touched your life. You can contribute your memories by:

  1. Sharing your testimony
    For the past 30 years, the late Jill Austin has ministered throughout the world and many, many lives have them changed by her messages, ministry times, and prophetic words. We would love to hear your testimony and collect them for our archives.

    Would you be so kind to mention your name, city and state or city and nation, church or conference, and the year this happened. We will NOT use your testimony without your permission.

    Email your testimony to

  2. Sending your photos
    If you know the year of the photo and have a story that connects with that photo(s), feel free to share this with us too!

    Only photos with the following extensions will be accepted: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png. All other files will be deleted without being opened.

    Email your photos to

Donations are greatly appreciated as we continue to operate Master Potter and advance the rich legacy Jill Austin left for us to steward! Please donate online or make checks payable to Master Potter.

Master Potter
6285 East Spring Street, #212
Long Beach, CA 90808

Master Potter was founded by Jill Austin. Jill has traveled extensively for over 30 years as a national and international conference speaker, ministering the gospel with signs and wonders following. She has a powerful prophetic anointing and releases the fire of the Holy Spirit, bringing fresh passion and hunger for Jesus Christ.

The heart of Master Potter is to see the presence of the Lord and His glory fill the earth so that churches, cities, nations, and continents will have encounters with Jesus Christ. This will usher in radical salvations, the return of prodigals, healings, deliverances, signs, wonders, and miracles everywhere!

The Body of Christ must move outside the walls of the church and take the prophetic to the streets as well. Master Potter desires to train and equip believers to move in their areas of influence and walk in their destiny for Kingdom purposes.

Carrying on the ministry and legacy of Jill Austin

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