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Your dreams have resurrection power!

God's great battle plans are being designed in the heavenlies right now. If you have ever wondered what part your destiny plays in these supernatural events, then get ready for an astonishing partnership: God reveals His secrets and mysteries to those who follow their dreams to the heart of Jesus.

As you read you will:

  • find keys to accomplish your dreams
  • learn strategies for spiritual warfare
  • explore the wonder of "God encounters"
  • move with creativity, vision and revelation
  • help others find their own destinies
Discover how dancing with destiny will broaden your personal dreams, deepen your greatest love and equip you for victorious battle in the heavens.
Jill Austin "In writing this book, my heart’s desire is that you personally encounter our beautiful multi-faceted God! The body of Christ is in major transition because so many are heart-sick, disillusioned and battle-weary. He longs for you to become a creative dreamer, passionate lover, and valiant warrior. May you become alive with anticipation and joy in the radical adventures ahead.

Will you dance with destiny?"
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What others are saying:

"You will soar on the winds of destiny and be caught up into the realities of the eternal as you read the pages of this inspiring book. Jill Austin is an artist, a prophetess and a stateswoman for Jesus in this generation. You will be captivated by the love of God as you find the purpose and reason for which you were created."
- Dr. James W. and Michal Ann Goll,
cofounders, Encounters Network
"If you have become weary, disillusioned or discouraged in the midst of your battles, Jill Austin's new book will offer you fresh vision, new hope and obtainable keys to help unlock your destiny in places where you have felt stuck."
- Jane Hansen,
president / CEO, Aglow International
"Jill Austin has once again tapped into the heart of the Father. This book will be used to awaken the Church to dream the dreams that alter the course of world history, while putting us back on track to discover the beauty of warfare born out of intimacy with God."
- Bill Johnson,
author, Dreaming with God;
senior pastor, Bethel Church,
Redding, CA
"Jill's book awakened my heart to dream even more the glorious dreams of God. I was undone by some of the stories. They caused me to pray and press in for an even more radical walk of love. This book will delight your heart."
- Dr. Heidi Baker,
founding director, Iris Ministries
"This book is like no other book. Jill combines her prophetic gifts with her supernatural encounters to inspire you to dream, love and war for the advancement of God's Kingdom."
- Ché Ahn,
senior pastor, Harvest Rock Church,
Pasadena, CA
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