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Glorious Intruder

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Weekly Word: Taking the Prophetic to the Streets Parts 1 - 11
1. How I Got Started in the Ministry
2. Finding Jesus
3. Longing for Jesus
4. The Divine Ambush
5. Master Potter Ministries Is Birthed
6. The School of Holy Spirit
7. The Lord is on the Move!
8. Encountering Jesus
9. Carrying His Presence
10. Encountering the Glorious Intruder
11. The Apostolic Anointing


Hiding in the Closet - Literally!
I ran out of my pastor's office, absolutely terrified. I've got to hide and find a place to hear from God. I saw a door at the end of the hall, in desperation I ducked inside. It was totally dark and small. The room smelled of industrial strength disinfectant. I could feel my heart pounding, almost echoing off the walls of the janitor's mop closet. I knew I'd heard a scripture once about getting in a prayer closet. "OK God, I'm listening, quick, quick, help."

What am I doing? I can't believe I'm hiding in the closet. In desperation I cried out again, "Lord, I've got to go out any minute and talk in front of all these people. I need a script. I didn't understand I needed a script. Lord I need to hear from You." I was absolutely panicked; I laid my head up against the mops and brooms. I could smell the dust and cleaning products as I continued crying out to the Lord. I only had a few moments before I had to go on this church platform and minister for the first time in my life. Sweat poured down my face.

"Lord I'm listening, what do You want to say?" I tried to listen as best as I could but I heard absolutely nothing, nothing at all. "Lord are You going to talk to me?" Still nothing.

Have you noticed that the harder you keep trying to hear Him it's like you get spiritually constipated? It just seems that nothing comes out.

All of a sudden I realized that I'd been in the closet for quite awhile and the pastor was probably wondering where I was. I'd better get out. It won't be cool for people to find me hiding in a closet. "OK Lord, when the coast is clear I'm just going to step out of the closet and walk back to the pastor's study and no one will even know that I've been hiding here."

With my ear to the door I heard the pastor ask, "Has anyone seen her? It's time to start." One of the cool, leather-clad musicians said, "She's down the hallway in the closet." I was pleading with God to rapture me quickly! I could hear the Pastor's heavy footsteps coming down the hallway. I was trapped. "Lord, beam me up, and make me disappear." All I could think was, Can I just vanish? Can the earth open up and swallow me? What can I do? How did I get stuck here in this closet? I'm an artist; I'm a potter. I don't belong on a stage. Why did I say yes to telling a little story while seated at my potter's wheel? I obviously didn't understand what I was saying getting in to.


The Jesus People Movement
The predicament I was now facing started just five days earlier. It was the early 1970's and I was a hippy saved during the Jesus Movement. I had driven my funky, broken down van over the mountains to a Christian arts festival. Approximately 2,000 people from a five state area came to hear musicians, see dramas and purchase crafts from artisans selling leather, jewelry, blown glass and pottery. We artisans were relegated to the lower field, a place of significantly less prominence than the performing artists.

Transition Times
I passionately loved Jesus, but I still didn't have my act together. I'd been trying to give up profanity and my daily two-pack cigarette habit. But in spite of my brokenness I really, really wanted to serve Him and I wanted Him to do something with my life. I sat at my potter's wheel on the field and started to make a vessel but no one was there.

"You know Lord, if there isn't any life in this, then I don't want to do it. I don't want to just be chained to the god of art."

I'd just finished university. I'd made thousands of pieces of pottery and won awards. I was at the top of my game, doing shows all over, but there was a restless hunger that there had to be more to my life. My heart literally ached for more of Him; I was in one of those uncomfortable transition times.


What Can I Do For The Lord?
"Lord, I want You to use my life. What can I do? I see how You use the musicians, but I can't play an instrument. You use singers, but I can't sing. I see how You use the Pastors, but I'm not called to do that. I know You use people in the church nursery, but I'm not sure which end is up as far as kids. How, Lord, can You use me? I am just a mud slinger."

Then I said, "Lord, I am just going to fast and pray for the next three days of the festival and I don't want to ever do pottery again unless somehow I can hear Your voice in this." About that time, some children came and asked, "Will you make us a pot?" I said, "Well, I'm not making any pottery until the last day." They said okay but they kept returning every few hours reminding me, "You promised to make us a pot."


Jesus Was A Mudslinger Too!
During those next three days of fasting, the Lord showed me Jeremiah 18:2, "Arise and go down to the potter's house and there I will cause you to hear My words." I thought, "Wow Lord! There are mudslingers in the Bible! You're a potter! But, still, how can You use me? I have such a longing to be used by You but I don't know what it would even look like."

A Holy Ambush
It was the last day of the festival and it was drizzling and overcast. The children came back and said, "You promised; you promised." I really didn't want to go out in the rain. In my heart I was thinking, No I lied. But I knew that I was trapped. So I went out onto the muddy field thinking, I shouldn't have promised and this is stupid. I took a piece of clay and with exasperation said, "Oh, all right, come on over!" The children were so excited.

Now I had to deal with not only making a pot in the rain, but with my bad attitude. I was frustrated and angry and I especially didn't want to make a pot for children in the middle of a muddy field. But, I tried to get my heart right because I wanted the Lord to use me. I also wanted to be nice to the kids because I thought, the Lord's going to take me to the woodshed later.

So in the middle of the muddy field and the drizzling rain I put the clay on the potter's wheel and I began to center it. All of a sudden, I heard the Lord's voice. It wasn't a big holy moment or a radical revelation. The heavens didn't open and the angels didn't begin to sing. I was wrestling and working out my heart and, although I didn't realize it yet, God had just ambushed me by using these little children to push me through the birth canal and into what would eventually become my prophetic destiny.

The Audible Voice Of The Lord
As I spun the wheel I heard Him say, "I will center you and take away your double-mindedness. I know you." As my hands started to go into the foundations of the clay, He said, "I will build a foundation which is based on the Word of God. When you were in your mother's womb, I knew you and loved you." Revelation just started to flow through my whole being. My hands became His hands. I'd made thousands of clay vessels before but suddenly He added the living word of God.

"You are beautifully and fearfully made." I was listening to Him talk and thought, "Wow, Lord, that is really good!" He responded, "Well, if it's that good, why don't you repeat it?" So, still concentrating on my pot, I simply repeated what I heard. I said things like, "I know your destiny, and I know your birthright. Your form was not hidden from Me. Your name is written on the palm of My hand." As I spoke, the revelation of the Lord fell on me. A crowd started to form around me out in the rain and the dreariness. And people started to laugh and cry.

As I pulled up the walls on the pot, I repeated, "I will shape you and pull up your walls, almost to the breaking point. But I know who you are. I know your shape; I know your form. I know your function. My fingerprints will be seen on you."

I ended up making two vessels in the rain and when I got off the wheel I was trembling. I knew the Lord had sovereignly given me a profound gift. I knew He had spoken through me. I didn't know it was prophecy. This was 1971; there was no language about prophecy yet.

Ambushed Again!
A few days later my Pastor phoned me, and said that he had heard that I was doing stories on the potter's wheel.

"I only did one at the festival," I replied. He shared about the Saturday night concerts at the church and how they wanted to feature local talent before the main band. He asked if I would be willing to share my story on the wheel. Naively, I said I would.

The next Saturday night, I showed up at the church with my potter's wheel and wearing my overalls and my clunky, clay-covered hiking boots. The Pastor asked me to come to his office where all the musicians were hanging out. They were all wearing their black, shiny leather jackets and looking cool. I went up and said, "Hi guys!" and tried to look cool along with them. It's really hard to project a cool image as a female wearing dirty hiking boots.

The Pastor asked, "Do you have your script? Are you ready?"

I was taken aback, "Script? What do you mean by a script?" You see, I was trained as a fine artist, not a theatre major. All of a sudden he looked terrified and blurted out, "Well you have to have a script."

I felt my face flush. All the band members were looking at me. I said, "Okay. What-what is a script?"

"Well, I thought you were going to do a story."

"Well, I am."

"I asked you to tell a story on your potter's wheel. Didn't you write down your story and memorize it?" With an intense look on his face he asked, "Haven't you done that?"

"Well no. I didn't know I was supposed to."

"Well, you have to have a script! What were you going to do?"

"Well, you see," I stammered, "God, He talks to me, and I listen and then just repeat it."

He looked shocked and said, "Nooooooo! You can't do it that way!" All of a sudden sheer panic fell on me.

"You're right I can't do it that way." I bolted out of his office and started running, kalump, kalump, kalump, down the hallway saying, "I need a script. I need a script. I didn't know I needed a script. God I should have asked You what I was going to talk about. I didn't even know enough to ask. I've got to run and hide and find some place to hear You and pray."

So that's how I ended up in the broom closet, terrified, as I heard the pastor's footsteps coming down the hall. He knocked on the door and I said as nonchalantly as I could, "Yes? Come in." He pulled open the door and said sternly, "No. You come out!" He towered over me. Back then I had issues with men and authority figures and he was this combination pastor/father figure and it just added to my terror and embarrassment.
A few guys carried my potter's wheel out onto the stage. Fear gripped my heart as I watched them carry it all the way to the other side of the huge stage. Oh Jesus, why did they take it over there? How am I going to get all the way across the stage? The pastor said, "We're late, get going." I took a step out from behind the curtain, got half way across the stage and made the mistake of looking out at the audience of 2,000 people. Four thousand eyes were all staring back at me and I froze. I was absolutely paralyzed with fear like a deer in the headlights. I had this silly grin on my face but inside I was screaming, God, get me out of here. I promise I'll be good! I'll never sin again. I repent, forgive me for the past, the present and the sins I haven't even committed yet. Why was I so stupid to say yes to this? I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I'm so totally disqualified. This was so stupid; I'm so stupid--stupid, stupid, stupid.

I heard the Pastor on the side of the stage ask, "Why isn't she moving?" I was thinking, I don't know. Why aren't I moving? It was like my feet were stuck to the floor. As I continued to look at the crowd, I started to see black and white before my eyes and felt I was either going to pass out or wet my pants, or possibly both. Once again, neither one is very high on the "how to look cool scale."

God To The Rescue!
Suddenly I saw an open vision and I heard the Lord say, "You know you're clay, right?"

Yes, Lord, but just get me out of here, I promise I'll be good. And then he walked across the stage and it was like I hung on to the hem of His garment and followed Him across that long stage and sat down at my potter's wheel. I managed to say, "Hi!" to the audience. I was still so scared. I didn't know what else to do so I began making a pot. I put the clay on the wheel and as I added water and began to center the clay, I heard the living, audible voice of the Lord.

The Gift of Prophecy
"Oh my child, I will never leave or forsake you." My response was, What took you so long? But I didn't want to get too mad because I didn't want Him to stop speaking. So I began to hear the voice, and once again I portrayed God's heart while making a beautiful vessel.

As my hands went deep into the clay He said, "I will pull up your walls and I will shape you and when you were in your mother's womb I knew you." As I formed the clay into a pitcher, He said, "And you shall be my mouth piece. I will glaze you blue with revelation and with the gold of my Glory. I will send you forth to Argentina to bring forth revival to my people."

I shared approximately 15 minutes, and as I walked across the stage, 2,000 people gave me a standing ovation. It sure wasn't because I had stage presence or looked cool. It was because Holy Spirit came. The roar of the crowd filled the auditorium but I was so shy I couldn't even look up. The pastor wanted me to go back out and take a bow, but I just couldn't.

I believe part of the key of moving in the prophetic is having a heart like a child that will simply follow Him. As soon as you get hung up on the titles, you begin to lose that child-like faith to fly like an eagle.


The Lord's Invitation
The Lord told me, "I'm going to open many doors and I want you to say yes, and you'll just speak My heart." I didn't know it was prophecy. All I knew is that God would talk and I would listen and that people would laugh and cry and get dramatically touched.

Master Potter Dramas
That's how my prophetic journey and the prophetic journey of Master Potter Ministries began, birthed in weakness out of a broom closet! After about a year I added actors and musicians who also portrayed the clay vessels. We were a rough group of radical Jesus People going into churches to perform, but there was a supernatural realm of God that came. When I spoke and shared His heart people would fall on the floor crying. There was a sovereign gift of heaven moving. It was like Toronto or Pensacola, only 20 years earlier.

Holy Spirit became my friend and put me into His school. I became like a Sherlock Holmes in the ways of the Spirit. We'd ask Him to show us how He moves, why He moves, how we could follow Him and how we could learn His ways. That time period was one of real growth for me.

From Potter To Preacher
Since 1990, I mostly speak and ask Holy Spirit to come because it is easier to follow Him without doing the dramas and taking a potter's wheel everywhere. Now, I go to churches holding three to four days of meetings and my cry is that we will have open heavens and that the glory and power of God will come! I want a fresh renewal!

I go to cities and nations all over the world to break open the heavens and bring revival. I give destiny words to leaders; sometimes I speak to governmental leaders or even kings. As I preach people are saved, healed and set free. I call forth the next generation in the things of the Lord. Sometimes I've ministering to 20,000-30,000 people, at gatherings like The Call or Jesus Revolution and other major meetings all over the world.

He Takes Us Where He Finds Us
How does your prophetic destiny begin? The same way mine did. God started with me right where I was--a reclusive production potter. I was so timid that once when the pastor told the congregation to give someone a hug, I ran out the back of the church and ended up hugging a tree. Who would think that the Lord could take someone like that and use her as a prophetic voice to the nations? (This is the part of the story where you need to be saying, "Wow, if He can use her, He can certainly use me!"

Working With Natural Fire
As a production potter I would go to the studio and in one evening I'd make a hundred pieces of pottery. I was very shy and my personality was very broken, so hanging out in a studio by myself was fine with me. In fact, it sometimes seemed like I lived there because it took between 12-20 hours to fire the vessels. I would sleep in front of these burning, blazing ovens. Every few hours I'd get up and check the temperature or adjust the dampers and check the gauges. Then I'd sleep several more hours and turn the temperature up. I was fascinated with fire and I actually built kilns. I was fascinated with the processes that the fire had on the pots and the colors of the glazes. I studied fire as an artist.

Releasing The Fire of Holy Spirit
Isn't it interesting that as a minister I now release the fire of God on clay vessels in churches? I want the blazing fire of God to ignite hearts. I'm constantly strategizing how to bring in more of His presence. How do I bring in the refiner's fire? How do I bring the fire of holiness and refreshing? How do I break the room open for visitations?

I've been on a wonderful, dangerous assignment seeing people's hearts set on fire. That is what I'm made for. I went from potter to preacher--from the potter's wheel to the pulpit. I went from the pulpit to being a prophetess, but the journey certainly started with humble, simple beginnings, with those little children on a muddy field in the rain.


Renewal or Revival?
What is the difference between renewal and revival? I have been in conference meetings where the fire of God comes with intercession, repentance, etc. and it is a wonderful move of God. Then the next week, as I did a second series of meetings in another city in New Zealand, I realized that the atmosphere was different as soon as I walked into the room. It was very different than the previous weeks meetings! The atmosphere in this meeting was charged with the holiness of God, the glory of the Lord.

As the meeting started, people began to be on the faces for hours as the heavy weight and glory of God would start to come into the room. I found that many people are looking for keys to unlock the heavens, and that includes the occult. Everyone wants power!

Important Keys that Unlock the Heavens
Yes, we serve a powerful God and He does come in power, but the only keys that unlock the heavens is the blood of Jesus Christ and the Cross of the Lamb of God. The next key is passion for Jesus - that radical, militant, first love, face on full on love that is like a radical braveheart, pressing in to know your Jesus personally and intimately.

The Governmental Throne of God
What I find is that the more it moves from renewal to revival, it's as though the Throne of God that is governmental starts to come to the earth. As the governmental anointing and authority of God comes to earth and says, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven", it increases the apostolic and prophetic and begins to move more in visitation and a fresh outpouring of the Lamb of God.


God is Redefining Churches and Nations
The Lord is taking His finger and He is not only redefining the borders of nations, but also the church. He says, "I am going to redefine even how you see My presence. I am going to take the walls down between different denominations and give you a hunger and fire for one another; a jealously for each of you who love the Lamb of God and have that fire for each other."

It is as if you were up in the heavens looking at the earth and you see that certain nations are full of different amounts of the glory of God. There are prophetic time clocks on different nations, according to His sovereign purposes for radical revival.

Do You Want a Visitation Or An Inhabitation?
Our cry is that we don't just want to say "Come Holy Spirit"; we want to say "Stay Holy Spirit!" We don't want just a visitation, we want an inhabitation! I feel like the Lord is asking, "Are you willing to be radical for Me? Are you willing to let Me use your hands, your feet, and your mouth to be radically on fire for Me? I am calling for a new militancy, a new passion, a new revelation of the Cross."

Heaven Touching Earth
The Lord says, "As you receive more and more and come into the fullness of the revelation of the glory of My Cross - of Who I am - the more My glory and more of heaven will kiss earth." There needs to be a cry in you that says, "Lord, I am earth. Kiss this lump of earth, Lord. Let your fire and presence consume me!


Having The Heart Of Jesus
In the 60's and 70's, we used to pass out tracts. I feel the Lord is saying for the year 2000 and on that tracts are not enough. It's too small. Rather, He is asking us if WE are willing to be carriers of the glory, to be His hands, His feet, His mouth; are WE willing to be radical, to take off the blinders and see the pain of those broken around you. He wants to give us His eyes. He wants our hearts to have the eyes of His heart. He wants to wake the church up to see beyond the world, to see the highways and byways and begin to have the passion and bleeding heart of Jesus.

Touching The Hem Of His Garment
Luke 8:42 - "As Jesus was on His way, the crowds almost crushed Him. A woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years but none could heal her. She came up behind Him and touched the edge of His cloak and immediately her bleeding stopped. 'Who touched Me?' Jesus asked. When they all denied it, Peter said, 'Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you.' But Jesus said, 'Somebody touched Me. I know that power has gone out from Me.' The woman, seeing that she could not go unnoticed, came trembling and fell at His feet. In the presence of all the people she told why she had touched Him and how she had been instantly healed. Then He said to her, 'Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.'"


Is Your Shadow Dangerous?
Acts 5:12 - "The apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders among the people and all the believers used to meet together at Solomon's colonnade. No one else dared join them, even though they were highly regarded by the people. Nevertheless, more and more men and women believed in the Lord and were added to their number. As a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on the beds and mats so that at least Peter's shadow might fall on some of them as they passed by. Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem bring their sick and those tormented by evil spirits and all of them were healed."

Acts 19:11 - "God did extraordinary miracles through Paul so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them."

Is your shadow dangerous? How much fire do you have inside of you? Have you ever prayed for your shadow to be anointed and dangerous? In II Cor. 4, it says that we are earthenware vessels but the glory, the treasure in us is the Lord. In other words, there's a mystery. We are fragile earthenware vessels, but the glory, the fire inside of us is the Lord.

Carriers Of A Radius Of His Glory
You know the song, "This little light of mine, I want to let it shine"? I hate it! It's not even scriptural. It makes it sound like Christianity is so puny and you hope God has lighter fluid to fill you up again. We are earthenware vessels, so how many of you would like to have a radius of His glory inside of you like a nuclear reactor? Or would you like more? Do you want an anointing so that when you walk into a restaurant, that the glory of God starts to move through you to confront the darkness because you have so much of the resurrection anointing. How much fire do you want? How dangerous do you want to be? - really?

Do you realize that if you have a radical anointing, you could get kicked out of your church? You really could. If you are the Pastor, they could lock you out! How many of you would like to see the glory of God rest over your house and as people drive by, they see angels of revelation camped over your house? How many of you would like to walk into work and suddenly the glory of God just explodes out of you? Your boss comes up to you to shake your hand and all of a sudden he is thrown up against the wall, falling to the floor and crashing with the anointing? He slowly stands up, walks back to you again, and says, "Thank you. I feel better now."

Do you realize you could be martyred? Would you rather be John the Baptist or Elijah? Do you want the platter? Don't you know they like to roll heads if you have too much of the fire?

Impacting Your Neighborhood
Let's go back to your neighborhood. A wife is bringing her husband home from the hospital and he is dying of terminal bone cancer. The children of the sick father tell their parents that they keep seeing angels of the Lord at your house and they believe that your prayers could heal him. The wife comes in, calls you and tells you that her husband has twenty-four hours left to live. She also tells you that they understand that you are followers of Jesus, that you love the Bible, and that you should pray for him and see that if what you preach is true.

So the neighbors come, put the husband on a blanket and carry him down to your house. They knock on the door, you open it and they all come in, the family and other neighbors. Everyone is there - maybe twenty people - watching to see if Jesus is real. Can we pray for the sick? Will He heal cancer? As you begin to pray, with all the neighbors looking on, color begins to come back into the man and the spirit of death starts to lift. He sits up and says, "I am hungry" and the Lord starts to heal him.

How many of you would like to have those in your neighborhood come and knock on your door for you to pray for them? The glory of the Lord will start to move through your neighborhood. How many of you would like to have ambulances parked outside of your door because people hear that the miracle power of Jesus is starting to move? How many of you would like to have hearses at your door as Jesus raises people from the dead? Even if they've been embalmed, God can give them blood! But there's a radical cry in you where you start to say that we have a God who moves in our midst.


The Welsh Revival
With the Welsh Revival, the glory of God moved all over the streets in the business sections, the bars, and so forth. As ships approached the nation of Wales in 1906, for six miles out to sea, the glory of the Lord would meet the ships. As the ships would come into the nation, people would start to fall to their knees and cry out for mercy. They would have visions of heaven and hell and would instantly get saved. Others were healed of blind eyes and deaf ears were opened to hear as the miracle power of the Lord started to move.

A Divine Invitation
I feel like the Lord is saying that He wants to bring the glory of the Lord, the fire, the presence, and the revival anointing to you AND your city. He says that passing out tracts is too small.

Sometimes you might be with a group of people who go out on Friday night to a bad section of town, but this might only happen once or twice. Or we might go and pass out tracts on a street corner, but after you mechanically pass out tracts to many people, don't you wonder where the life is in it?

There was an anointing in the 60's and 70's, and some in the 80's in passing out tracts, but you see, now in the 90 and 2000, the Lord is using more than that. He wants YOU to be a living tract! He says, "I want to use your hands, your mouth, and your feet to be carriers of the anointing. Will you be like radical walking flames of fire? Will you be like Olympic runners full of My glory and full of My fire, setting ablaze my nations, cities and neighborhoods for my glory?"

A Stadium Mentality
It's not enough just to move on a platform or an altar area that's ten feet by thirty feet. It's too small!! His glory wants to invade entire churches, cities, regions, and nations! He wants all of this to be an altar for His glory and anointing to come.

For example, at the University of Oregon in Eugene, there is a facility that holds 45,000 people. Let's say that you are there along with many others to be the prayer team. Others could come and bring their loved ones and friends, but all of you are the prayer team. How, as a prayer team, are you going to pray for 45,000 people?

I know you have all been trained to pray at the altar of your church, and if you move fast, you might pray for three to five people. Even if you prayed all night, all of you could pray for maybe 5,000 people, but what are you going to do with the other 40,000? In other words, our whole way of thinking is going to have to be different. God wants to impart to us a gift of faith. We need a stadium mentality instead of a church altar mentality!!

I want you to think of that stadium! You are there and you're asking the Lord, the Glorious Intruder, to come and invade the stadium!. The glory cloud of the Lord begins to move throughout the stadium and, as the glory cloud of God starts to move, people are being delivered because Jesus, the Son of the living God, has come and is setting people free by breaking off torment, insanity, and spirits of death by His power and His presence.

As the Lord begins to move, there's a radical anointing. People start coming out of wheelchairs. The miracle anointing of signs and wonders begins. Literally people with no eyes, only sockets, start to have eyes appear. People start to hear. Those with skeletal diseases who are crippled and deformed, start to hear crunching in their bones as hands and body parts start to come together. People in wheelchairs begin to get out of them and start running. Jesus starts healing cancer, aids, and mental illness with His resurrection anointing. You see people, it isn't just power, it's a resurrection anointing that was birthed from the Cross.


What is it?
How many of you would like to have an apostolic anointing? You may not know if you're allowed to have it, but you want it. I know that we, as women, never know if we are in or out, but while they are still trying to figure it out, we want all God has for us, right? Let's talk about the apostolic anointing.

The apostolic anointing in Acts 2 shows us that Holy Spirit came like a mighty rushing wind. At 9:00 a.m. a crowd of more than three thousand people gathered and accused the Christians of being drunk. Immediately Peter said, "We are not drunk, as you think". He spoke with an apostolic anointing, preaching the crucified Christ, the glory of the Cross, that all are sinners needing to repent, and that Jesus is the Messiah! As he preached the glory of the Cross, the crucifixion and the resurrection, three thousand people were saved.

Prophetic Evangelism In The Market Place
Then why are you saying that you only know of five Evangelists who go downtown to witness? Why isn't everyone moving with an apostolic anointing where you work, go to school, gas stations, grocery stores and wherever you are? There needs to be a place in you where you say, "Jesus, give me that fiery anointing. Lord, use me to powerfully touch my world."

We, as a church, have abdicated our posts!! We've said yes to sending out missionaries, itinerants, and others, but the Lord says, "I want YOU! I want you to be My hands and My heart. I want you to be My mouth and My eyes. When you see people, I don't want it to be an automatic tract. I want you to look at that person and ask Me what I have for that living soul."

Breaking Religious Evangelism Wineskins
You will start seeing people as living souls and God will begin to give you words and other things they need. If you don't get anything, you can always ask them to get a cup of coffee with you. Be naturally supernatural. Be real. I feel like the Lord is trying to break religious evangelism. He wants to start working with prophetic evangelism where you are naturally supernatural, being real people who love a real God! Then you can be one who goes through real life situations with a God who is with you in the midst of all your situations and you can share that with others!

Do you want to be a carrier of the anointing? How much fire do you want? When people reach out and touch your clothes, are you so saturated with anointing that people are instantly healed? Have you even prayed for that? "Lord, let Your anointing and Your glory seep out of me." May it be that we don't even know when it happens because it is so naturally supernatural.

Fishing Nets That Radiate With Glory
Is there that cry in you that says, "Lord, I want to see people radically touched right where I live, where I walk, and where I live real life." The Lord says He wants to bend the walls of the church and take you to the world so that you can be His hands, His heart, and His feet.

Your Commissioning
If you are waiting for someone else to do it, He says to forget it! You are it! He wants to give us fishing nets. For years He has been healing the holes in the nets so that we can throw out our nets into the dark sea of humanity. As we throw our nets out, the Shekinah glory will come as the nets hit the water, and the fish will see the nets and come running. Jesus says that He is going to bring in such a great harvest that many of you will have to team together to bring in His fish.

Can you say, "Here am I, send me!" That is sweet music to His ears! This is part of why He gave His life on the Cross!
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