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Glorious Intruder

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Glorious Intruder Summer 1995
  • Where are My generals? Where are My apostolic fathers? Who will open up the gates for the King of Glory to come into your church, city, or nation? Behind closed doors, the war room of God is networking and strategizing with global purposes to activate the troops for the Lamb's war.
  • A roar from the Lion of Judah is being trumpeted in the heavens. Are you a freedom fighter? God wants radical world movers and shakers. Pioneers, not settlers. He is looking for people who are recklessly abandoned and surrendered to the Lord with no agendas but His.
  • Prophetic intercessors and watchmen on the wall are being summoned to break open the heavens. Revival is war in the heavens. What we see in the natural (20%) are glimpses of what is unseen in the heavens (80%).
  • "Don't miss your day of visitation! Don't get disqualified. The day of the Lord is at hand," warns the King of Glory. The Captain of the Host is preparing the Bride for His Bridegroom.
  • The thumbprint of God is arising with the apostolic. Governmental apostolic weight is not conditional upon the size of the church, but the size of God within each person.
  • Healing and acceptance of the prophetic and the emerging of the apostolic will cause both to work in tandem with governmental unction. Unique networking of the Holy Spirit will cross denominational lines, races and genders.
  • Holy Spirit is gripping hearts with a spirit of conviction, repentance, and reconciliation. A fresh outpouring of oil is healing the wounds of denominations, cities and nations. It's restoration of broken relationships like Joseph and his brothers weeping in each other's arms.
  • The international house of prayer for all nations is coming into place. Jesus was seen wearing the flags of all nations, like the coat of Joseph. The flag of Israel was over His heart, the keyhole which unlocks the world.
  • A powerful release of divine healings and miraculous signs and wonders is coming where no disease known to man can stand. The miraculous will fill stadiums and bring the prodigals and the lost back to Jesus.

Tidalwaves of Wine, Fire and Wind
The First Set of Waves Full of New WINE:

God is releasing laughter and refreshment to the body of Christ and it is moving across denominational lines and nations. Impartation is happening to catch the fire and give it away. The Lord is emphasizing a return to first love and a divine romance with Jesus. An increase in the momentum for intercession is emerging, along with some physical and emotional healing.

The Second Set of Waves Full of His Glory and FIRE:

The Spirit of Elijah will ignite a prophetic people and increase impartation, revelation, and prophetic intercession. The Lord wants to establish "fire stations" or revival beachheads to train and release men and women to be fire-starters in the nations. The refiner's fire will bring a spirit of conviction and radical repentance, salvation and deliverance. The Lord is emphasizing passion for Jesus, revelation of the cross, fiery intercession, and the price behind the anointing. Apostolic government will begin to emerge with the healing and acceptance of the prophetic. Global strategies will be revealed as the government of God is established on earth. Divine networking among denominations will bring unity, and spiritual guerrilla warfare will be Spirit-designed for God's eternal purposes.

The Third Set of Waves Full of His Mighty Rushing WIND:

Signs, wonders, and miracles will fill stadiums throughout the world. The atmosphere in cities and nations will be "pregnant" with the presence of God. An anointing for burial and martyrdom will become a reality, as global wars in the natural reflect the wars in the heavens.

Mike Bickle's prophetic insight concerning Acts 2 is significant:

First came the wind, then the fire, then the wine. In this present move of the Holy Spirit, the order is just the opposite - first the wine, then the fire, then the wind. In pondering this, the Lord showed Jill that the wind makes the fire hotter and the fire makes the wine boil. All three will merge and work together.

A Prophetic Warning:

Beware of Satan's old, but new, plan during this world-wide time of refreshing. His tactic is the same: Divide and conquer. The Word says that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand! Different places and people are moving with different styles of ministering with the Holy Spirit. The enemy wants to bring walls, division, and different camps of people within the Body of Christ over the methods of Holy Spirit! Please remember: The methods may vary but it's the same Holy Spirit! Another caution: Beware of trying to "administrate" Holy Spirit so we begin to lead the meetings instead of following Him. If you try to control Him so things suit you or your people, Holy Spirit could lift, leaving your church with a form of religion without the power.

Fruit That Remains - Summer 1995
Testimonies to the everlasting glory of God

Pastors' Conference - Snells Beach, New Zealand

120 pastors and their wives gathered from 40 different denominations and streams at Snells Beach for a Pastors' Conference with the purpose of networking and enhancing unity among them to impact New Zealand. They came from: Elim, New Life, South Pacific, Assembly of God, Baptist, Methodist, Congregational, and 25 different independent churches, as well as a church from Australia! All of them were wide open, hungry, wanting to learn, and abandoned to God's purposes in their lives as well as their churches. They fit the motto of the church who organized the conference, Epsom Christian Fellowship in Auckland: "Nothing to hide, nothing to prove, nothing to fear, and nothing to lose." As prophetic words were given to different denominations, along with words of knowledge about how the enemy was attacking their particular denomination, the fire of God fell on them. There were tears, people falling to the floor like trees, strong trembling and shaking, heart issues and hurts being healed, deliverance, and angelic activity. It was so touching to see the pastors from other denominations interceding, weeping, and hugging those who were wrestling with issues related to their denomination and receiving ministry. A unity and bonding was being done by the Holy Spirit and it was precious! Not one left the same as they came.

Glory Fire - Christchurch, New Zealand

Denise Cooper, wife of Pastor David Cooper of Beulah Christian Fellowship in Christchurch, New Zealand, shared a sobering open vision: "During worship, the Lord took me into the throne room and showed me the different stages of fire boxes that He had for the people to have put into their spirit. You could have just the fire box, the deluxe version, or the heavily reinforced version. There were different thicknesses, depending on how hot and how deep you want to go in God. Then you have to go into the water and you come out of the water and get fired up again. It's like He is making a shape out of your spirit. He showed me the progression of fire boxes." "Then He showed me the end time fire that He has for this world. He stood up from His throne and from underneath His throne came this incredible white, glory fire! It's like it is uncontrollable! The Lord said to me, 'I have to sit on it. I'm preparing it. I'm heating it up!' It's like this end time fire that He is cooking in His throne. It's so white and so hot! He also said, 'It will roar through to the end time. I am looking for men and women that will have the reinforced and the heavy-duty metal fire places in their spirit so they can be containers and imparters of the fire. I'm looking and looking but everybody just wants the light things and the light fires. Are you prepared to go deeper? Are you prepared to go into the roaring fires? Are you prepared to go into the fire that takes you into the end times? If you are not, you will burn out before the end time.' He wants people that will go the distance and He's looking. His eyes are searching. He says, 'Are you prepared to pay the price? Are you prepared to pay the price? Are you prepared for a new fire box? Are you prepared for this white fire to come into your spirit?'" She fell to her knees and wept. The place was deathly silent. It was a sobering and thought-provoking moment as we pondered the piercing questions the Lord was asking all of us!

The King of Glory is Coming to New England! - New Haven, CT

Just as Paul Revere warned that the British were coming, so the King of Glory is trumpeting His arrival. Contrary to public opinion, the Lord said that He is going to move on the East Coast! "Occupy the nation! My heart is for this nation," the Lord declared. Some people have been anointed to be a voice for America; they are lighthouses in the darkness. Many are sea captains for souls in this area, ready to throw out their nets for the harvest. God wants to give the people a national and global revelation of His people. The New Englanders are a radical people whose stock and ancestors were pioneers, not settlers. They were adventuresome. People in this area are like foot soldiers of the Lord's army; they are ambassadors to herald His coming; they're being taken from hiding into the visible realm to release the anointing. As they heard the prophetic words, the whole room shouted like they were at a game and the winning point had just been made! We found the people to be very hungry!!!
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