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The Electrician
by Jill Austin

The room was cold, dark and damp but it had become my friend for I had lived there ever since I remembered. Heavy blankets of isolation, loneliness and fear insulated and protected me from the outside world.

But one day there was a knock on the heart froze...yet everything in me told me that He had come. But the darkness swallowed my muffled cries...Once again He knocked..."Oh Lord, Lord, Come in!" The door opened and there stood the Electrician.

He wore radiant white overalls and hat and around his waist was a large leather workman's belt with various tools, wires, and light bulbs of different sizes dangling from it. He tipped his hat and with a softness in His eyes came in with a large white ladder and put it into the middle of the dark room. He then proceeded to climb up the ladder and insert a small 25 watt light bulb into the bare socket hanging from the ceiling. He came down and folded up the ladder and left.

I crawled into the middle of the soft warm light and fell asleep. The healing light began to restore and strengthen me. Hours later I woke and began to walk around the circumference of the light. And then I noticed a shovel lying in the midst of the debris so I went over and picked it up and began to clean the area. It was a tremendous amount of work and took days, but finally it was clean. And then as the days followed I would find myself laying on my back just staring at the bare light bulb dangling from the ceiling and loving the Light. It had become my friend and comforted me.

Then one day there was a knock once again at my door, and I knew it was Him. I ran to the door and opened it and once again it was the Electrician. He smiled at me as He came in: I knew that He was pleased with what He saw. He carried in His ladder and put it in the middle of the room, walked up it, took out the smaller light and put in a larger 100 watt light bulb. Instantly the light in the room increased. And for the first time I noticed a chair and couch. I quickly began to explore my new found space as the Electrician folded up His ladder and left.

I loved the Light...I loved everything about the room...except...and then I noticed the piles of garbage and dirt hidden everywhere. And then as I began to size up the situation I saw a greasy film over everything, and piles of old books, records, and souvenirs were scattered everywhere.

I had had such an insatiable appetite for things and more and more things, but it never filled me. Only the Light from the Electrician filled that void now. I knew that all of this clutter had to go so I rolled up my sleeves and over the next several months began to shovel, sweep and polish. Finally, for the first time in my life, I felt that I had a home that was mine.

How strange it was because I had looked everywhere for it and to have had it inside all along amazed me...but then I had never had the Light before.

Then one day there was a knock at the door. It sounded very similar to the Electrician but I knew it wasn't. I opened it and people who were lovers of the Light had come to visit me.

They loved my home and often came to visit. Then one afternoon as we were all sitting around talking and sharing about all the wonderful things the Electrician had done for us. I heard a knock at my door. The Electrician had come once again. I ran to the door and opened it a crack. He held a large 500 watt light bulb in His hand. My heart screamed in silence, "Not now...No you can't...everyone will be watching...I don't want any more Light today...not with everyone here...I don't know what it will reveal." I heard the people in my home laughing and talking in the living room behind me.

The Lord gently took my hand and led me out of the room into a dimly lit hallway with many doors. He told me to open those I would like.

Cautiously, I opened the first door and was shocked as a cold evil wind rushed out of the darkened door. I quickly shut it as it took my breath away. The next door I opened blinded me with a brilliant light bulb. I saw glimpses of radiant people walking around and their laughter was like music to my soul. The light was too bright and hurt my eyes but I knew I had seen some of the Glory of the Light.

The last door I came to had a 25 watt light bulb in it. I recognized it for I too had had that dimness, but I was shocked at how weak the light was. I knew I would never be satisfied with that little light again and couldn't go back. I was beginning to understand that I had already gone too far into the Light...

Then the Electrician looked at me with tender eyes of love and said, "Everyone has to make the choice of how much of the Light they want, but there is always a cost." "Oh Lord," I responded. "I can never turn back now even if everyone leaves me."

So I invited Him into my house. Few noticed He was even there for they were so busy among themselves. He put up his ladder as usual in the middle of the room and took out the large 300 watt light bulb and screwed it in. As soon as the light came on it tripled the size of the room.

There was another couch, chair and now a dining room. Just as I feared, garbage, and dirt was piled in the once darkened corners. Everyone responded in different ways.
Many of the people were shocked at the condition of the house and left. But a few stayed and began to grab brooms, shovels, and mops and began to help clean the debris. It was hard to believe that they understood , and they accepted and loved me just as I was.

The Electrician came over and embraced me and said, "My child, the ones that are staying live in homes that have even greater Light than you do. They also had others help them clean their homes, and still do. That is part of the healing process. Many times things have to be cleared out that are too heavy for one person to carry out; or there will be a stain and another person will know My solution. I made you all to help heal and restore each other."

And then I noticed that around everyone's waist was a workman's belt with wires and light bulbs dangling from it. As they helped to restore the room, they would put light bulbs into the mended lamps and the light grew and grew. The Electrician then said to me, "Dear one, there are still many rooms in your house that I want to bring to my Light, will you let me?" Oh yes Lord," as my heart melted in surrender.

And then He fastened a workman's belt around my waist and said, "You will also help to bring Light not only into your own home but also help to light others lives and hearts. You are My children of the light.

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