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Glorious Intruder

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Glorious Intruder Fall 1994
The Cross and the Blood

  • It was God's secret weapon before the foundations of the earth against the enemy, veiled and shrouded in mysteries.
  • Only the Trinity knew the secret plan - not even the angels knew the times and purposes of God. The demons never would have crucified Jesus if they had known that putting the Lamb of sacrifice on the cross would unleash the resurrection power and glory of God unto salvation! It was the most incredible power demonstration in the whole of eternity!
  • When Jesus was on the cross and the sword pierced His side, the literal blood and water represented the birthing of resurrection life.
  • When Jesus confronted Satan, He emerged with the keys of death and hell, He took dominion, and He stripped the evil powers of ALL their rule. The Kingdom of God is taken with violence and the violent take it by force.
  • Miracle and resurrection anointing comes through the cross. By His stripes we are healed.
  • To open the heavens, you need revelation of the cross and the blood.
  • The cross was a governmental change as the Kingdom of God came to earth (Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven).

"Are you willing to go deeper with Me?"

This probing, thought-provoking question burned in the heart of Denise Cooper, a pastor's wife from Beulah Christian Fellowship in Christchurch. As the power of God brought her to the floor and the fire of God traveled up and down her body during one of our meetings, she had a vision. The following is a potion of her written account of what happened.

The Lord said to me, "Do you love Me?" I earnestly replied, "I really love you."

Again He asked, "Do you love Me?" My reply was still the same, "Yes, Lord. I really love you." He probed further. "Do you love My Son, Jesus?" I affirmed my love for Jesus. Then He said, "Are you ready for the cost of going deeper with Me? Do you realize that the price is higher, the separation deeper, and the purifying fire to purge you is greater?"

I was so desperate for God that I implored Him with my whole heart that I really did want more and that I would be willing to pay the price. Suddenly I was standing at the cross, embracing it along with Jesus. I was cradling the head of Jesus in my arms and caressing His face, which was cold and had fallen limp on His shoulder. As I held His ripped, torn face, I just loved Him and cried over Him.

The Holy Spirit led me to gaze on His nail-pierced hands, His bruised ribs and spear-pierced side, and His wounded feet. My heart was deeply pained as I looked at the cross and wept for Jesus. I saw Jesus' mother, Mary Magdalene, and a small crowd of friends who stood with Him to the end. They washed His wounds, kissed Him, and cried over Him too.

After the crucifixion, I went to the grave and I saw the resurrection power of God enter His body. It blew the stone away, the guards and centurions collapsed, and the glorious power of Jesus was everywhere. Angels were leaping and dancing around Him. There was glory - risen glory - everywhere!!

He was regal as He walked out of the tomb with His head held high, standing tall, triumphant, and strong with victory over death, hell, and Satan. The battle was won! King Jesus was the Victor!!!!!

Fruit That Remains - Fall 1994
Testimonies to the everlasting glory of God

Pastors and Church Denominations Impacted (Auckland, New Zealand)

Over 40 different church pastors and their wives from at least 11 different denominations were powerfully touched with laughter, prophetic words, intercession, and impartation to become "Carriers of His Glory" to their own churches. These denominations or streams included: Christian Outreach Centre, Elim Four Square, South Pacific, Presbyterian, Baptist, New Life, Harvest, Assembly of God, Anglican, Nazarene, and non-denominational charismatic churches.

Power Evangelism (Hastings, New Zealand)

Incredible reports filtered back to the leadership that unsaved people were being ambushed by the Holy Spirit during the meetings. They'd shake, laugh, tremble, and weep and didn't understand what was happening. When people ministered to them, they sensed that something was wrong and asked them if they knew Jesus. The people said no and were led to the Lord. Three meetings in Hastings brought 30 souls forward for salvation and deliverance. People clapped to welcome them into the family of God!

The Healing Anointing of Jehovah Rapha Came (Hastings, New Zealand)

A man with a blind spot in his eye testified that it was gone so his vision was complete. He also suffered from industrial deafness but said that he was hearing music and we were not singing during the healing part of the meeting! A woman was praying for a person when she felt a hot hand take a lump out of her own lung and she was healed! A man with blockage in his abdominal area felt gripped in that area and sensed a significant release from pain. A pregnant lady who was part of the worship team testified about her healing as she sang, "He touched me with His fire ... His power."

Prophetic Utterances Flowed (Hastings, New Zealand)

Several evenings the Lord led Jill to give prophetic words throughout the audience. People were standing on their chairs all over the room to see the people who were receiving words. The accuracy of the prophetic words seemed obvious from the response of the person getting the word (crying, laughing, or nodding their head), other people's responses in the audience as their friends received words, or by feedback after the meeting that confirmed things that were spoken. This brought great encouragement to the people and praise to the Lord for His gift of prophecy to the body of Christ.

Various Responses and Manifestations to God's Presence

When people sensed the power and presence of the Lord in the meetings, a wide variety of things happened: a clap offering accompanied by exuberant words of praise, people filling up the entire altar area at the beginning of several meetings to enter into intimate worship and adoration to King Jesus, periods of heavy silence as people beheld the Lord and were invited to become the Bride of Christ,deep broodings of the Lord on people all over the room, thunderous warfare worship with a distinctive, militant drum cadence that went on for an extended period of time, seasons of laughter as the Lord gave people a drink of the new wine (sometimes there were piles of people or entire rows that would fall down laughing), intercession and travail throughout the room, trembling, shaking, and labored breathing as fiery impartations and fresh mantles were sovereignly given to people, open-eyed visions, and angelic visitations.

The Shekinah Glory of God (Hastings, New Zealand)

A young Oriental man shook from head to foot as the fire of God fell on him during one of the meetings. When asked what was happening, it was very difficult for him to talk. He kept pointing behind Jill and looking over in the corner because He saw a big angel standing there. He would start talking, then speak in tongues, go back to English, then back to tongues, trying to express what he was seeing. Right after that a woman began seeing in the Spirit realm as well and was seeing the same large angel, but she also saw thick liquid gold being poured out over the people. There were many encounters with the angelic host throughout our month of meetings.

50 Area Pastors Exposed to the Power of the Holy Spirit (West Haven, Connecticut)

Invitations were sent to pastors in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and the Connecticut area and they came to our meetings. A Baptist pastor and apostolic father came with his wife and were deeply impacted. Prophetic words encouraged their hearts and a word of knowledge about his wife having cancer brought intercession and healing prayer for her. They wept as the Holy Spirit touched their lives in different ways. The pastor said, "Why does my wife have to go many places to get help when healing should be happening in the church?" Good question!

Light Confronts Darkness (West Haven, Connecticut)

As the light and fire of God confronted darkness, several people were released from strongholds of the enemy in their lives. A couple who had been missionaries in the jungles of Panama for several years received a word of knowledge that exposed areas where the enemy had ravaged their lives and deliverance began to take place. As the wife was being ministered to, she saw Jesus standing before her as He was releasing her from things. Then she had a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty, which symbolizes freedom. The face of Jesus appeared before her and she felt such a release and peace from the Lord! It is a wonderful sound when people are getting set free and the enemy no longer has control of a person's life!!

One meeting in a gym (a wooden floor) made running feet sound like a stampeding herd of horses - perhaps like the sound of a mobilized army on the move for prophetic evangelism!
Medical Student Touched by the Fire of God (West Haven, Connecticut)
As the power of the Holy Spirit fell on a young lady in medical school, she shook, trembled, and jumped up and down as the fire of God landed on her. The Lord blessed her with a healing anointing and she began to lay hands on sick people. When she held hands with others, they too began to shake and tremble as if plugged into a vibrating machine on high speed!

A Prophetic Song and Word for Yale (West Haven, Connecticut)

The Lord said He is going to bring divine appointments to the students on campus that would be just like the encounter Jesus had with Saul of Tarsus. Yale will no longer be known as the place where the brightest minds come, but a place where the glory of God dwells (waves of the golden glory of God over the campus were "seen" as the Lord was speaking). The Lord also said that He is going to take back what belonged to Him and set up a revival center there, as well as sending people from there to the nations.

The Power of "ONE" at Yale University (West Haven, Connecticut)

The Director of the International Church at Yale University, Siafa Johnson, extended an invitation to Jill to minister at the Dwight Memorial Chapel one evening. Siafa was a former Muslim from Nigeria who accepted Jesus through missionaries! It was "Religious Awareness Week" at Yale so every conceivable kind of religious activity was happening on campus, good and bad. Of the 10,000 students, probably 500 are true Christians. "Yale rules the world" is a true saying because 80% of the world's leaders are Yale graduates. The cream of the crop and the brightest of minds attend Yale or similar Ivy League colleges. Siafa also wanted to rededicate the chapel back to God for Yale had a rich spiritual heritage from the days of Jonathan Edwards. It was exciting to hear the people raising their voices in intercession and praying in the Spirit as they walked about the chapel, reclaiming the territory for God and His purposes. Having prophetic songs resounding throughout Dwight Chapel was touching!!

Church Experiences Laughter for the First Time (Toledo, Ohio)

The joy of the Lord started with bubbling and ended with a flood of laugher in Toledo as the refreshing move of the Holy Spirit touched the people. We had never seen such a wide-spread outbreak of hilarious laughter hit a group for several hours. Adults and children acted like there was one big "swimming party" and they enjoyed themselves to the fullest!

"How to Move in the Anointing and Pray" Seminar (Kansas City, Missouri)

Although there was a lot of laughter to begin with, the Lord took the hungry people deeper. During a week of meetings at Metro Vineyard Fellowship in Kansas City, several of the prophetic people at MVF (Michael Sullivant, Jim Goll, and Jill) had a wonderful opportunity to team together and minister as well as having individual sessions that week. The power of the Holy Spirit touched many with some serious issues: the Lord was challenging people to put people or things on the altar that were keeping them from total abandonment to Jesus (parents, family, friends, or whatever was standing in the way) and moving on with God. The weeping and relinquishment had a profound effect on the people. They knew they'd done serious business with the Lord that evening. As usual, after a very serious and intense dealing of the Lord, He would bring joy and laughter to the people. A little bit of honey makes the medicine go down!! Even in the laughter, people were being set free or refreshed.
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